Sparkle Bags!

My love for boxy bags has gone to a whole new level today. Introducing, sparkly boxy bags!!!

:: applause :: :: cheers :: :: the crowd goes WILD ::


These beauties were such fun to make. Each measures 4 inches wide, 4 inches high, and 8 inches deep. 

I stuck with my favorite tutorial by Kelby from KelbySews

The sparkly vinyl comes from Sara at SewSweetness.  You can purchase some of this awesome glitter vinyl from her shop right here.  Go ahead and get at least one of each color.  I won't judge. 

All of my zippers come from ZipIt

To see a tutorial (and use a calculator!) on how to create the two toned bag check out this post!

Taking these babies out for a walk! Say "Hi" to my husband, who always gets suckered in to taking pictures of me with my sewing projects!


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  1. Maria Iris Damge | 21st Apr 20

    Hello Jess!
    I discovered your YT channel at the begining of February, and I have completely fell ibn love with all your faboulous projects! I ended up buying a sewing machine, Brother CS7000i, and watching your instructions, I have been able to complete 3 projects! Thank you!!
    I do have a question, regarding the materials used in your sparkly boxy bags, which I LOVE!! I am making one for my mom for mother’s day; I have everything but the SF101. It’s either sold out , or extremely expensive, or it will take forever to arrive due to the quarantine. I do have Heat n Bond Light. Will that be a comparable material to use? I am still very confused at all the types of interfacing that are available, so any help you can give me on this one will be greatly appreciated! The bag will be this beautiful cotton fabric with indigo blue roses outlined in gold that I found at JoAnn’s, with Sky Blue faux leather for the bottom.
    Take care, and I look forward to more of your videos!

  2. anneke carlie | 22nd Apr 20

    Dear Jess,

    I made the boxy bag, but something went wrong at the inside bags. I want to know what went wrong. Can I send you a picture?. Maybe you can explain it? I want to make another and then I know what to do. I found you on youtube,. Your tutorials are great!!!!

  3. Krupa P. Patel | 10th May 20

    Love them!

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