About Jess


My name is Jess.  I'm a software engineer by morning, day, and very late at night.  Quilter every other second of the day. I'm a proud military brat, Mama to a heard of critters, and wife to the very best friend I could imagine.

What is OklaRoots?

I spent the most pivotal years of my life in the beautiful state of Oklahoma. It was an unexpected place to move when I was 14 years old, and a hard place to leave when I was 33.  I graduated college and graduate school there. I met my husband and we started a family as Okies. It was a place I was truly laying down some roots, which was a big deal for this move-every-4-years girl.  And even though the call of the ocean won out, I still consider my roots to be in Oklahoma.

Currently, I am living in northeast Florida and LOVING the environment. The culture is diverse and immersive, the weather allows 365 days outside fun, and the location is unbeatable. 

Why sewing?

I remember when I was 10 years old I wanted to make my own wallet. I couldn't afford the really cute ones, and the basic options where clunky and plain. I would rather spend my money on some basic supplies to make my own!  So I got some fabric, a needle and some thread. I turned those rectangles into the wonkiest "wallet" you could imagine, but I was SO proud of myself. I like to think I started my sewing journey then.

But it took more than a decade before I would get back into the craft.

I started quilting in 2016, and like most, the "little new hobby" quickly became an obsession.  Stitching together these quilts has allowed me to take time to reflect, grow, and find an inner creativity I didn't know existed.  Over a short period of time, I transitioned from making quilts that others designed to designing my own. And while I absolutely adore writing quilt patterns, I would rather eat sand than pitch a sale. Over the course of 2 years I released 3 quilt patterns, and I'll admit that the last one didn't sell a single copy. Failure burns, but I took that as an opportunity to reevaluate. 

Time To Pivot

I love the quilt patterns I wrote. And I'm sure they will have their season with a large audience. But selling is not my strong suit.  Education, however, is something I have much more experience with. And free education... that's right up my alley.

So the OklaRoots YouTube channel came to be! Not only do I get to share what I've learned following others patterns on the channel, I also get to share simpler patterns of my own design with all of you! And we have the opportunity to explore so many things. Quilts, bags, crafts, diy..... we can cover it all together! 

I have a knack at understanding the usefulness of technology in a creative environment, and I love sharing what I learn!  If you have any tutorial requests make sure you drop me a line.  

Lights... Camera...

The OklaRoots YouTube channel is a place where I show how to make some of my favorite things. These may be my own patterns or some of my favorite designers. Note: I do ask permission from the pattern writer to demonstrate their design, and not everyone approves. I'll keep a running list of the folks I can and cannot film for below. There are also unboxings, non-sewing tutorials, and anything else that sounds like something we should all enjoy together. 

Approved Filming Tutorials:


Bagstock Designs

Emmaline Bags 

More Me Know

Declined Filming Tutorials:


Aneela Hoey

Linds Handmade

Happy Sewing!