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Stoney Clover Lane Inspired Clear Pouch

Stoney Clover Lane is one of my absolute favorite shops to treat myself. Their bags and pouches are just the happiest colors, they have a huge selection of patches to customize your items, and it's honestly just really fun to shop with them. They are an investment, but the quality is unmatched. They're meant for everyone, including parents, if that gives you a better idea (they can take a beating and still look brand new). 

When I saw their adorable clear pouch, I obviously fell in love. Wanting to buy multiple colors, I was quickly snapped out of my dream-like state by the price tag. Now, I will tell you that I did end up purchasing one, and you can see why it's valued so high. It really is stunning and the craftsmanship is impressive. And that's coming from a bag maker that can find fault in the nicest of bags.

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Boozy Bags Pattern

These bags are great for gifting wine, but could be used for anything! I’ve filled some with candy, small toys, and various sizes of wine. This is a quick project that uses whatever material you have on hand. Have fun with this quick gift idea!

Standard Wine Bag Measurements:

  • (2) Exterior tops (suggest quilt cotton) : 7”x3.5”
  • (2) Exterior bottom : 7”x12”
    •  — interface exterior with woven interfacing if using lightweight material
  • (2) Lining (suggest waterproof canvas) : 7”x15”
  • [optional] (2) Drawstring Channel : 3”x6.5”
  • [optional] (2) Cording or ribbon : 30”
  • Strap : 4”x18”

*** If you don’t want to create the two toned exterior, just use the lining size for the exterior as well.

Large Wine Bag Measurements:

  • (2) Exterior tops (suggest quilt cotton) : 9″ x 3.5″
  • (2) Exterior bottom : 9″ x 12″
    •  — interface exterior with woven interfacing if using lightweight material
  • (2) Lining (suggest waterproof canvas) : 9″ x 15″
  • [optional] (2) Drawstring Channel : 3″ x 8.5″
  • [optional] (2) Cording or ribbon : 34″
  • Strap : 4”x18”

Let me know if you adjust this for other sizes as well! I hope this gives you some great ideas for quick gifts. Have a great end of the year!

Below is the video tutorial walking you through the pattern!

Checkbook Wallet Tutorial!

Here is a simple and fun-to-build-on wallet/checkbook pattern that I worked on as a gift for family. This single fold wallet can hold credit cards, cash, a checkbook and more! It's fun to make, quick and useful. Check back to this post for updates on additions to the pattern!

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Reusable Snack Bag Tutorial!

Happy Summer everyone! I hope you're keeping cool with pool time, beach time, drink time.... whatever it takes!  I know I'm still eager to soak up some rays, but it's about that time of year to wrap up our summer vacations and focus on getting back to ____________ [fill in the blank - school, work, life...].

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Lined Fanny Pack Tutorial

Happy Memorial Day! Today I want to share another tutorial with you... and it's my best one yet! Let's make a Fanny Pack!!

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