OklaRoots 2021 12 Days of Giveaways!!!

OklaRoots 12 Days of Giveaways will have 1 new winner each day, starting November 26 and ending December 8th! You can enter at any time. If you have a preference on the giveaway day, make sure to add it below. Otherwise, one entry will put you in the drawing for each day! Most prizes are open to residents worldwide. Make sure to stay updated on Instagram and Facebook for the daily prizes and details!

Congrats Valerie and Görel!

Day 1!

Congrats Laura!

Day 2!

Congrats Jennifer!

Day 3!

Congrats Marsha, Darcy and Becca!

Day 4!

Congrats Rhonda!

Day 5!

Congrats Lorelei, Lisa and Toni!

Day 6!

Congrats Michelle!

Day 7!

Congrats Jo and Catherine!

Day 8!

Congrats Joyce, Alison and Laura!

Day 9!

Congrats Kait!

Day 10!

Congrats Steven ('s wife)!

Day 11!

Day 12!


About The Author

Jessica OklaRoots


  1. Susan M Saecker | 26th Nov 21

    Thank you!!! God bless you and your family this Holiday Season!

  2. Nathalie | 26th Nov 21

    Thanks for all you do for us 😊 .

  3. Nanette Kulm | 27th Nov 21

    Have a very merry Christmas season! I love to watch your Instagrams and youTube videos. You add fun to crafting and sewing. Thank you!!

  4. Gayon Barracks | 27th Nov 21

    Thank you for being such a great instructor I’ve learnt and still learning so much from your turorials. You are JESS awesome 😁.

  5. Rebecca Peters | 28th Nov 21

    Thank you for teaching me how to sew bags!

  6. Belinda | 28th Nov 21

    You are such an inspiration. I found you on YouTube at a difficult time in my life. With your teaching and videos you have helped me in so many ways. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you do.

  7. Rose Blackwell | 28th Nov 21

    Thank you so much for your tutorials!!! You are an amazing instructor.

  8. Linda | 29th Nov 21

    I also love your tutorials! I learn best by watching so thank you.

  9. Cindy Stanley | 1st Dec 21

    What an awesome and generous giveaway event you have going this year!!! I follow you on YouTube and FB. You’ve taught me so much and continuously give me inspiration and the drive to make something new 🙂 Thank you Jess for all you do!!!

  10. Lorelei Rubio | 3rd Dec 21

    Jess you are truly an inspiration to so many sewists! Your enthusiasm and creativity is infectious. i cant wait for your brick and mortar store and possibly a retreat! Got to put that out in the universe and make it a reality <3

    • Jess | 4th Dec 21

      Hi Lorelei! Do you have a school email account? If so, make sure you check it!

  11. Mistie Saravia | 4th Dec 21

    Your just the best!! Thank you for everything you do and everything you put into your videos for us. 🙂

  12. charlotte gibbs | 23rd Dec 21

    Hi Jess,
    just wanted to thank you for the inspiration you give me and the positivity to make me feel like I can make anything I try! Merry Christmas to you and your family!

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