Crafty Roundup! February 2022

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This month on YouTube!

I've had this Cricut Explore 3 in its' box for an embarrassing amount of time, so I figured we could open it up and see how it can help us in bag making!

Who doesn't love a free pattern? And a QUICK one?! I've got you covered. You're going to love this project. 

The New Stuff:

I'm LOVING these 8-bit feeling sweater prints from Fabric Mail

I was searching for a washi tape holder, and came across this great device from Galen Leather! They have so many unique options.


Zipper Valley is one of my top go-to zipper suppliers. They always have the most pleasing colors that will work in any bag. 

Oooo these zippers and webbing from Idle Blooms are SO VIBRANT! I'm so excited to use these in some fun projects. 

I flipped out when I opened this box of COLOR from My Handmade Space! These neon zippers and the incredible assortment of zipper pulls are screaming summer. 

Not sewing related, but magical accents are always a fun thing to share. BBBrooke offers some of my favorite ears and watch band accessories. 

We all know how much I love Sewfuse from Castine Handcrafted, and I was lucky to score some recently. But Monica also sells all kinds of back hardware, notions, and handmade items! 


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  1. Tess | 21st Mar 22

    Hi, you had shown in stories some really cool webbing that were pastel colors and stripes. What month did you have those in your roundup?

    Thank you!

  2. Carol Argent | 5th Nov 22

    Hi do you send to the ulk

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