Crafty Weekly Roundup! January and February – 2022

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This month on YouTube!

We've covered a LOT at the start of 2022! Big bags, little bags.... tiny bags. It's a great start to the year with tons of fun options!

The New Stuff:


Sewing notions from Lauren's shop are ALWAYS such a treat!

Basic necessities! The BEST waterproof canvas and so much fun webbing! Webbing is great for bag straps.

I finally broke down and purchased a "real" computer chair... and it's ADORABLE! Check out these chairs here.Use code OKLAROOTS for a sweet discount. 

This mix of Mario and poker chips from Mojo Sews has me SO excited to make some game bags! Maybe a poker bag? Is that a thing?

Oh yea... the most epic crossover ever! I do love some haunted mansion and muppets! And check out the whimsical fabric

If you're looking for unique and just SUPER fun fabric, make sure to check out the Freaking Fabulous Fabric Club! If you use code oklaroots, you'll have a good chance of making it off the waitlist soon!

Look. At. Those. COLORS! Oh my word, this is making my Lisa Frank loving heart happy! Sew Majestic has some incredibly unique bag making hardware, that will also go with every project. 

Ok I have a thousand ideas of how I'm going to use these amazing materials from Sew Girlie Fun . And did you see those ZIPPER TAPES? Blowing my mind!

Have you seen OklaRoots' new favorite item? The 1" x 6" rulers are such a fun accessory, and a personal favorite notion in my sewing room. Make sure to keep an eye on ShopOklaroots for new colors and options!


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