Kendra Scott Bracelet Dupe

So I've been drooling over this colorful beaded bracelet from Kendra Scott for months (sad story: the bracelet is now out of stock). But it was $68, and to me, that is a lot of money for a bracelet! I just couldn't pull the trigger. 

So instead, I decided to see if I could make a copy cat version of it myself! And I did! 


What I love most about my version of the bracelet, is that is can fit ANY wrist size. It can expand or contract easily and is comfortable to wear. Also, you can highly customize the colors of this bracelet to create some beautiful designs. Holidays, sports teams, mood bracelets.... so many options!

For a video walk through of this bracelet tutorial, check out my Instagram Profile for the DIY Bracelet highlight. 

So let's talk about what you'll need.

You only need 4 items to make this bracelet. Some jewelry pliers, jewelry wire, jump rings, and flat round polymer clay spacer beads.

All of these items linked are found on Amazon.  I will be purchasing some polymer beads off of Etsy to compare the quality, and will report. back!

To get started, cut about 3-4 loops off the jewelry wire (or more, depending on how you want the bracelet to look).  It's always good to cut more than you need, rather than less.  Today I'm going for about 2 loops for my bracelet, so I cut 4 to be safe.

Starting and ending the ends are the most challenging for me, so if you have any suggestions please make sure to comment on this post!

To start the bracelet, I take 2 polymer beads and add them to one end. I then take about 1/2" of the wire and fold it over those beads, wrapping the wire around them to hold in place and prevent future beads from flying off. 

Once you have that done, the fun can begin! I like to take colors in groups of 2-4 beads and add them to the bracelet. I don't have a pattern or method to this, usually trying to separate lights and darks to create some fun contrast. Every 3-4 color gatherings I'll add a jump ring. That simple pop of gold takes the bracelet from homemade to custom made. 

Just continue adding the beads and jump rings until you have the bracelet to your desired size. It seems tedious, but once you get a rhythm going it goes by quite fast. 

We'll finish off the bracelet just like we started. First, pull all the beads nice and tight, and then fold down the excess wire, pinching at the end of the beads to hold them in place. They shouldn't be able to go around the edge of the wire and come off.  Once the pinch is tight, clip the wire, leaving about 1/2" left. Fold this 1/2" over 2 of the end beads, and tuck it into the beads before those last 2 (this may be easiest to see in the video tutorial). 

Once you have that end tucked in, you're done with your bracelet! And it is ADORABLE!!

I hope you love making these as much as I do. I can't wait to make more for holidays as gifts!

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below or shoot me an email at


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  1. Elisabeth | 14th May 20

    I watched your video yesterday on YouTube ‘My favorite grocery tote!’ I’m trying to make a farmer’s market tote for my son’s 29th birthday. Your video was so awesome, I’ve not subscribed on YouTube! I’ll be watching more as time permits! Thank you for your easy-to-understand instruction, along with your humor! 🙂

  2. MarySmiles | 17th May 20

    So clever and colorful! Thanks for sharing your inspiration and innovation with us!

  3. Mary | 22nd Jun 20

    Hi Jess,
    I sent all the materials for this bracelet to my granddaughter in St Charles, Missouri and then the link to your YouTube video. She just sent me pictures of her first bracelet. She had a great time making it. She usually comes to visit me in Minnesota in June and we sew together. Since we can’t do that this year I thought this would be fun for her. Besides you have other videos I think she would like.

  4. Beth | 26th Jun 21

    A photo of your bracelet just popped up in my feed, found it on the website and now I’ve go to head somewhere to get the supplies. Gonna be over 100 degrees here in Washington for a week so need some inside things to do while the grands are here! This looks easy enough for all of them.

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