Crafty Weekly Roundup! 8.9.2021 – 8.13.2021

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This week on YouTube!

This week we put together some of the coolest hacks you've come up with for the fan-favorite Purse Pal from Linds Handmade! You can get so creative with these, and I love hearing other alts you come up with!

We've hit the first Friday of the month, which means it's time for another month of the Cotton Cuts Spring 2021 Sparkle and Shine Mystery Quilt! We've only got 3 months to go, and I cannot wait to see this quilt! 

Goodies added to the stash:


Ok, I'm trying to keep my cool.... but LOOK AT THAT VINYL!! How cool is that?! It changes color when heat touches it! Bob and Jen's Odds and Ends have some of the coolest items, and were so incredibly sweet to send over a book about my favorite villain. I think I need to plan a tropical vacation to read it cover to cover. 

Many of you know my love of Liberty of London fabric runs deep, and when I heard there was a more affordable quilt cotton version I JUMPED! These prints are so vibrant and cheerful, and Hawthorn Supply Co is one of my favorite retailers!

This week I received month 2 of the Sew Your Bag subscription, and it was once again awesome! If you're a new sewer and not sure what items you need to invest in, this is a great option! Not only do you get some amazing fabric and interfacing to use in a pattern, but you also receive tools and hardware! So great to build your sewing stash!

Other Stuff!

Love these embroidered wallet tabs? Stay tuned, more designs hitting the shop this week!

It's almost that time of year my creepy friends, and I'm diving head first into all things Haunted Mansion! Maybe a couple of these will come to Shop OklaRoots soon....

Did you hear my rant about The Little Mermaid? This hat popped right in my face during my recent Disney trip, and I couldn't believe the taunt! 


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  1. Lucy Huynh | 23rd Jul 22

    I was trying to see if you have a comment on gradient thread that u used but didn’t find any reference. Do you use it because it is more interesting and is more likely to match with fabric? How do select the color. So many pretty options?

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