Crafty Weekly Roundup! 8.23.2021 – 8.27.2021

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This week on YouTube!

This week we made the ULTIMATE scrap buster! These adorable quick ID holders can be made entirely from scraps and are useful for 99% of the people who you know. Make is a wristlet, a landyard, or click it to your purse. The Carly from Sallie Tomato is a sewing must have!

New Stuff:


This new vinyl from Indo Love Kreation BLEW ME AWAY! It's obviously beautiful, but it was also easy to sew! That extreme texture is everything I need right now, and the zipper tape and seatbelt webbing match with the colors perfectly!

Have you seen anything cuter than these little creatures?? Not only does Bedazzled Supplies have the traditional color of zipper pulls, but they also have some FULL COLOR options! Say what?! 

Since I was so excited with my new textured vinyl, I immediately sewed up a couple Carly ID holders and I can tell you, it's beginner friendly vinyl. I was SHOCKED! Not sticky, not too thick, doesn't stretch. They're currently sold out, but make sure to get. on the waiting list for a restock!

So I've spent way too much time lately zooming in and studying this clear pouch from Stony Clover (which I LOVE). But as a crafter, I of course want to make my own version. This week on social we talked a lot about binding, and I received some great suggestions! From quilt cotton, to PUL to folded elastic, we're going to figure this out!


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  1. Rebecca Becker | 8th Sep 21

    Jess, I love your tutorials! They are done so well and easy to understand!!
    I would love to purchase some more embroidered wallet tabs you are selling for the purse pals. When will they be available to purchase?

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