Crafty Weekly Roundup! 8.2.2021 – 8.6.2021

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This week on YouTube!

A great way to test out sewing curves and binding (and actually learn to love them) the Luna Pouch from Kandou Crafts is a pattern must have!

After many requests, I purchased the most popular beginner embroidery machine. This Brother PE 800 can do so many projects, and will continue to be a craft room staple if you upgrade to a bigger machine.

Goodies added to the stash:


SO MANY GOODIES from Wonderground Fabrics came in! Besides the most amazing haunted woven material (available for retail August 9th at 3pm PST) we've also got beautiful vinyl and a new waterproof canvas I'm excited to work with (lighter weight than Ottertex, but same great benefit). 

A fabric monthly subscription box I 1000% recommend if you're looking to build a stash with lots of variety! The Freakin Fabulous Fabric Club has back to school must have prints (that had me cracking up) and some Haunted themes coming sooooooooooon! Sign up now!

I may be running out of rooms to store all my vinyl, but that's not stoping me from ordering more! This lightweight vinyl from Zor-Elle is perfect for newbies! Not very sticky, easy to sew and comes in literally ALL THE COLORS! Keep an eye on their Facebook group to know when they hit the site. 

Water has been popping up a lot in my stories lately, and for good reason. IT'S PAINFULLY HOT HERE IN FLORIDA! Hydration is SO important, and I've made it a goal to drink between 1/2 - 1 full gallon of water a day, especially while training for the marathon. This 1/2 gallon bottle is cute, but improvements are needed. Stay tuned! 

Edit: Grab this straw and the bottle is perfect!

Coming Soon!

Later this month the tutorial for this absolutely ADORABLE zip pouch with ID holder and card slots will be live on the channel! The Carly pattern from Sallie Tomato is quick, great for beginners and a super vinyl scrap buster. I'm even going to include a hack to make this with woven fabric...

Are you ready for Fall??? Oh I am, it's my FAVORITE season! And to roll in crisp air, pumpkins and cardigans, you're going to need an appropriate wallet! This unique and impressive wallet from Diamonds and Coal is so fun to make! Grab the pattern and some vinyl now, your craft room is dying for one... (sorry, I had to!)

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  1. Diana Barnes | 8th Aug 21


  2. Bonita scruggs | 9th Aug 21

    Thank you for the Luna pouch tutorial. I was on the fence about buying the pattern until your tutorial.

  3. Lindsey A Porter | 9th Aug 21

    Thanks for documenting all of your goodies and enabling all of your followers! 😉😍❤ We love you!! ❤

  4. Shari Sloma | 9th Aug 21

    I enjoy your videos, they are so helpful. I can’t wait to make everything!!!!!!

  5. Christine Vardy | 9th Aug 21

    I LOVE all your videos and look forward to them every week. I must admit that seeing how much you love Disney, I’m surprised you don’t have the Brother Luminaire or other Brother machines as they have DIsney designs preloaded in the machines!

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