Crafty Weekly Roundup! 8.16.2021 – 8.20.2021

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This week on YouTube!

Probably the most popular design of wallet to buy, we tried our hand at the small zip around wallet. This adorable pattern from Miss Freckles Designs comes out looking SO professional! Just take your time around those curves.

Mask chains are a daily accessory in our house! Whether it's school, the grocery store or traveling to local theme parks, it's so much easier to have our masks hanging close by than stuffed in someone's pocket. 

Goodies added to the stash:


Lauren Mormino is the ultimate bag maker, so of course she offers some of the BEST supplies out there! These pumpkins and poison apples have me so ready for the fall!

This was my first order from Dream Big Creations, and I already have a cart full with my second. These pulls and webbing are some of the coolest I've seen yet! Pretty much whatever design you're looking for, they have it!

I may be putting in weekly orders with Wonderground Fabrics, and it's no surprising why. Gabbi has some of the most original vinyl out there! This clear vinyl is a treasure in my house, and the haunted pulls are going to be great on some spooky snack bags!

If you've placed an order with ShopOklaRoots, you know we love to have fun with our packaging! These perfect-for-me mailers from Magic Mail Supply Co are going to hold  every order this fall!

I have been using these custom labels from Heartwood and Hide on almost everything, and I know many of you have as well. Just a sneak peak of some amazing new color options they'll have this fall!

Misty over at Printy Fabrics sent over some of the coolest waterproof canvas I've seen yet! These printed designs will be perfect additions to your bag! She also has some amazing PUL options, as well as velvet coming soon. 

As you may have noticed, I have a lot going on over here. Too much, honestly. But to help keep track of everything I use multiple planners. These is my faithful planners for 2022!

For my personal life and day-to-day schedule, I use Large Planner from Rifle Paper Co. It has just enough room to write down everything for each day, and lays it out in a weekly format so I can plan ahead.

For OklaRoots, I need a planner with a lot more space. So I use the largest option from Plum Paper. This is fun because you can customize everything from the exterior design, to the layout on each page. A HUGE help for a small business!


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  1. Karen Johnson | 23rd Aug 21

    So glad you so graciously post your sources. It opens up so many possibilities to your followers.

  2. Bernadette | 23rd Aug 21

    Hi Jess, I am a grandma of two grands with adhd and would really benefit from the fidget spinner with the pop pops that you show late last week where can I find them

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