Crafty Weekly Roundup! 7.26.2021 – 7.30.2021

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This week on YouTube!

Our Monday bag tutorial was for the ADORABLE and free Acacia Crossbody Bag, the perfect small accessory. 

For our embroidery tutorial we went step by step through my puffy hat process!

Goodies added to the stash:


Zipper Valley sent over some beautiful zipper tape and pulls! I love the selection they have and their gorgeous colors. 

I may have purchased too much vinyl in the Sew Dulce preorder, but I regret nothing! The wide variety of textures and colors means I'll have the perfect vinyl for any project.... and probably some extra to give away 🙂

There aren't many patterns I make over and over, but the Purse Pal is definitely one of them! To make cutting out material quicker and more precise, I invested in some durable acrylic templates from Tops and Bobbins. 

Mojo Sews sent over the sweetest combination of items from their shop, including vinyl, zipper pulls and nylon webbing. I love the themed selection and vibrant colors available!

A Little Extra

I also shared a peak at some personal projects I've been working on. There's no tutorial for these quick pouches on my channel, but you can find the pattern here and a tutorial for it on the Corter Leather channel.


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  1. Bonita scruggs | 1st Aug 21

    I like this weekly round up, it will help me remember all if the cool sites and patterns you mention.

  2. Julie | 2nd Aug 21

    Love this weekly round up Jess! Great idea!

  3. Alicia | 2nd Aug 21

    Thank you for doing this Jess! I am always trying to take a screen shot of the stories to go reference back later!

  4. Cindy | 2nd Aug 21

    Thank you so very much for taking the extra extra time to share all your great finds and products. I would never happen upon some of these amazing companies if not for you!

  5. Susan Herman | 5th Aug 21

    Oh fun, fun!! I am in overload with all the new ideas you are throwing out each day. Great holiday ideas. Keep them coming – just love it! Thank you ❤️❤️

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