Stoney Clover Lane Inspired Clear Pouch

Stoney Clover Lane is one of my absolute favorite shops to treat myself. Their bags and pouches are just the happiest colors, they have a huge selection of patches to customize your items, and it's honestly just really fun to shop with them. They are an investment, but the quality is unmatched. They're meant for everyone, including parents, if that gives you a better idea (they can take a beating and still look brand new). 

When I saw their adorable clear pouch, I obviously fell in love. Wanting to buy multiple colors, I was quickly snapped out of my dream-like state by the price tag. Now, I will tell you that I did end up purchasing one, and you can see why it's valued so high. It really is stunning and the craftsmanship is impressive. And that's coming from a bag maker that can find fault in the nicest of bags.


Make sure to check out their bag before making one of your own. And if you want to skip the binding, sticky vinyl, and curvy edges hassle, purchasing the pouch from Stoney Clover Lane is highly recommended

But! If you want to give a shot at making your own version with some of your precious vinyls, then let's do that!

Click here to download the free template for the clear pouch copy cat from OklaRoots. The measurements for everything are included on the pattern pieces. Makes sure to download the file to your computer, and then use Adobe Acrobat Reader to open the file. When you print the template, print at 100%. There are two sizes included in the PDF. We are working with the larger size in the tutorial. 

And make sure to watch the free tutorial on YouTube to walk you through every step!

Have fun and let me know if you make one/buy one/totally change around this design! 


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