Block Party – Month 6

You've made it to August! Question: Do you consider August part of Fall or Summer? I know I know, it's technically a summer month. But, you can feel the anticipation of fall, right? Pumpkin spice will start showing up this month. Fall decor will start coming out. So..... I say forget seasons. Let's get our fall on!


Ok, now that I've made a few of you quite perturbed, let's talk about the block this month! I didn't realize when designing these blocks that I seem to prefer that central cross design. This month we're changing it up a bit with some teeny tiny triangles. The finished look is SO pretty, but all those seams and tiny pieces can be a challenge. So, as always, you are free to modify this block. In the video I'm showing you how to do that, how to build this block without templates, and how to prep your sashing and boarders. 

I hope your summer is ending on a high note! I know it's been a nutty year. But remember, the best season is coming. Fall will be amazing!


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  1. Buffy | 3rd Aug 20

    Yay! I’ve been waiting for the new block!

    August is my birthday month and it is most definitely part of SUMMER. I used to be a summer hater, loving the cold. However, as I have gotten older I find that heat is more my cup of tea.

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