Block Party – Month 12

We made it! We made it to Month 12 of the OklaRoots Block Party! Can you believe it?


12 months.

12 months of the world changing. 12 months of sacrificing for our friends and neighbors. 12 months of uncertainty. 12 months of creating online families. 12 months of small business beginnings. 12 months of small business rescues.

12 months I know I'll never forgot. This quilt is made of love and its pieced with the love of an amazing sewing community. I hope you've enjoyed these blocks. They've meant so SO much to me.

Happy February! We still have to put it all together, so stay tuned!


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  1. Nancy | 2nd Feb 21

    Is it just me or should pattern piece E (February’s Block) “Rectangle Cutting Alternative” measure 4.5x 2 5/8?
    And piece A measure 10.5x 8 5/8?
    I measured my printout, everything else prints/measures to the chart on page 2.
    Am I mistaken?

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