Block Party – Month 5

Happy July quilty friends! I can't believe we're already to month 5 of our Block Party! I've had such a fun time making these and seeing your versions. This month we're working on - wait for it - partial seams! To be honest, partial seams get a bad rap. They are much easier than they seem and help you create all kinds of beautiful block designs. So give it a shot and let me know what you think!



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Jessica OklaRoots


  1. Jan | 22nd Jul 20

    Hi. I have just found you on You Tube and so excited about your block party. I have being a quilter for 30 years but have just brought a Cricut. Living the Uk we have to rely on your guys in the state to post all these amazing videos. I Am very interested in how you made the SVG files for your blockS as this was one of the reasons for buying a Cricut but until now I have seen so Little info for this. Can you point me I. The right direction I would be most grateful. Just love all your bags too. Jan

  2. Nancy | 21st Aug 20

    I think it would be great the think about putting the blocks together using a “quilt as you go” method. I’m not a quilter and I don’t want to spend oodles of money for someone else to quilt it for me. I’m intrigued with the method done with strips/sashing.

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