Block Party – Month 2

Welcome to Month 2 of the OklaRoots Block Party! Congratulations on making your blocks in Month 1. Overall, we seemed to have a lot of positive feelings about that block, so let's see if we can keep it up for April! 


For many of us, April 2020 is going down as one of the most significant months in our lives. We are quarantined. We are bored. We are making friends with inanimate objects (no? just me? ok...). We are scared. I feel everything you're feeling.  This experience is making this quilt even more sacred. This is the story of how you experienced one of the craziest moments in our lives. What do you want to remember? Do you want to remember the fear? The way strangers showed up for each other? The amazing garden you planted in Animal Crossing? There is no wrong answer! This is YOUR QUILT, so make sure you think about what you want these blocks to remind you of. 

Personally, I have spent much of my time making face masks for local hospital workers (at their specific request). As someone who is incapable of sitting still, this is the best thing I can do. I want to be out there helping everyone I can, but I can't. So I send help to whoever needs it. This month I used scraps from masks and fabrics that remind me of this experience. 

In this video, I'm providing you with 3 ways to cut out the half square triangles. You do not need to print the templates out this month. I've provided all of the measurements in the PDF. I'm also demonstrating how I use the Cricut Maker to cut my pattern pieces. 

Below is the PDF file, which includes the templates you can trace on your fabric to build your blocks. I've also included a SVG file for those of you with automatic cutting devices. 

Let me know if you have any questions and have fun making these blocks! I can't wait to see what you create!


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Jessica OklaRoots


  1. Pennie (StitchPennies) | 6th Apr 20

    I am SOOO excited! Thank you, Jess!

  2. Apryl | 7th Apr 20

    Thank you Jess for this and all your wonderful projects. Just happened upon this one today and was thrilled for something different and new to make during this time. You are an amazing teacher and I really appreciate your positive uplifting videos. Stay safe 🙂

  3. Lynda Lott | 10th Apr 20

    Hi Jess, I hope you are doing well. I thought I would check in to see if there was an update to the block for month 2. the measurements on the print out show cutting the blocks @ 4.5 inches for the center and the rectangles to each side of the center block so I assumed that is the size we were suppose to do and I now have 3 blocks that measure 12.5 inches. What happened?

    • Jess | 10th Apr 20

      Hi Lynda! So the rectangles on the side, when pieced together, will not measure the same as the center block. They are 4.5″ x 2″ when cut, so when sewn together those units will be 4.5″ x 3.5″. This should give you a block that measures 10.5″ x 10.5″.

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