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These are the items I have used most since I started sewing. I highly suggest starting a ruler collection. The right size makes such a difference! I use Schmetz 80/12 needles the most and Guttermann Mara 100 polyester thread for everything. A seam ripper and cutting mat will be extremely helpful, and you'll be grateful you have an easy way to store your little bobbins! A handy rotary cutter and quality scissors will make quick work when prepping for bags and quilt blocks. 


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  1. Pirjo | 11th Nov 20

    I love your list although I have most of these because I’ve seen you using and recommending them throughout the year so I’ve bought them already (I started sewing bags about 10 months ago and you have been my guide on this journey). I have all three of these sizes of rulers, are there other sizes you’d recommend for bag making? I have a couple of other bigger ones but not many small ones. Oh I’ve been waiting for the borders to open up so I can order a few stilettos as the shipping to Canada is more than the price of two stilettos :(. I’ve never seen that big Gutermann thread in our fabric store, just the 200m or 400m polyester. Does that fit on a domestic machine?
    My husband wants me to give him my Christmas list so I’m very anxiously awaiting the bag makers list, hoping for something I haven’t thought of yet 🙂 Thanks for these lists Jess and your daily cheer on Instagram, as well as all your videos!

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