Gifts For The Bag Maker

Bag makers use such a wide variety of tools! From the items that make the hard work easier, to the ones that just make it SO much more fun, you won't be short on gift ideas for your bag making friends. I've included the essentials I use every day, as well as some cozy and inspirational items. As we move into colder weather, us barefoot sewers need to protect our tootsies. These slippers are my favorite! I also included 3 bag making books I have on my personal wish list. These are great to study for ideas and inspiration. Have fun and Happy Holidays!


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  1. Jen sato | 12th Nov 20

    I love your bags. You make it look so easy!!!! Can you show/make more of a Christmas gift ideas since Christmas is around the corner?! Thank you

  2. Laurie Miller | 13th Nov 20

    I would put rulers, sewing needles for hand sewing and sewing Machine needles, different types of thread, tape Measure and good pair of fabric scissors, Rotary cutter and Mat, with a beginner pattern for a pouch and a small easy quilt pattern, with fabric for both

  3. Ayeisa | 30th Dec 20

    HI Jess!! greetings from the Dominican Republic!!…been following your videos and they are very helpfull!! i learned to make little bags and keep practicing on them…im intereresten in the fabric tags(labels) these you put inthe description are the one you use?
    thanks for your reply

  4. MARILYN BULLOCK | 19th Jan 21

    Which Kai Scissors do you have and love. I have an Ukranian friend who wants to buy some good scissors while she is in U.S. I heard you say that you loved your Kai Scissors and I would like to know which one. I saw a lot of them on Amazon Thankyou Jess

    Marilyn Bullock

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