Delilah Block of the Month – Month 5 – North Star

You know what's coming.... you can see it in the picture.....


After Month 4 and those tiny curves, I needed this easier block.  Need me to make 5? No problem! Heck, I'll make 20, if you ask. 


Although there are no curves this month, this block is still a unique make. Different sizes and angles of triangles come together to create this awesome, almost three dimensional looking block. When pulling fabric, I can sometimes have a pretty good idea how it will come together in the end. Not this time. It was hard to picture how these pieces would look, so I just picked a few prints from each colored scrap jar and had at it.

I recently tried out these Fineline Glue Applicator Tips from PileOfFabric on another project, and I am hooked. 

Glue? You don't know about GLUE? For those who haven't tried this, glue basting is the future. Instead of pinning my pieces together before sewing, I run a thin line of glue along the edge and just press them together (you can use an iron to heat press if you are going to sew them immediately, or just give them a minute to dry). I never realized how much my fabric shifted under the presser foot when sewing.  When glue basting, you get none of that.  Those pieces stay together they way you placed them, no stretching or shifting. 

Above you can see the applicator I use.  They are inexpensive, easy to use, and I just leave them on the glue bottle.

Below are my 5 blocks for this month.  You can see I pull from one color jar for each block, which has been a pattern recently.  Going to have to mix that up for next month.

Each month, I use nothing but scraps.  I did not purchase any fabric to make this quilt.  This is what I love about Jen Kingwell patterns.  You don't need to go out and by yards of fabric in order for your quilt to turn out right.  Yours won't look like hers or mine, and it isn't supposed to!  Jen Kingwell patterns are a reflection of the maker, each one showing the mood of the sewer. Her patterns allow our quilts to tell stories, and that is just the most amazing gift she could give.

Looking for the pattern? Check out Amitie for the Delilah Quilt Pattern


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  1. Susan Evans | 26th May 19

    Hi Jess,
    I have a question….are you making this quilt just using the paper templates in the booklet? I’m not sure I need all those expensive templates they sell to go with each block? What do you think? Yours look great!!

    • Jess | 26th May 19

      Hi Susan! I am using the acrylic templates, since they were included in the block of the month program. HOWEVER, they are a large expense and I 100% do not think you need to purchase them. If you are using the paper templates, just trace around them gently. If you want a cheaper alternative to firmer templates, head to the Dollar Tree and get the Set of 2 Flexible Chopping Mats. They are 11″x14″ and work GREAT as pattern templates. Just lay it over the paper templates, trace with a Sharpie, and cut out. Amazon has similar ones as well : link here.

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