Delilah Block of the Month – Month 8 – Coloured Turbine

An easy block!! Hurrah!


We needed this.  After the EPP alterations, the curves, the seam ripper... We needed a nice, simple straight sew block. And we got it! This was actually a really fun block to make.  Like most Jen Kingwell patterns, you don't really know how it will look until it's completely done. And I love that!

When picking fabric for these, I like to pull lots of colors that will contrast one another.  I find drastic color changes between adjacent pieces help create all kinds of interesting designs, using just one block pattern.  This is where it gets really fun when following a pattern.  What you make might look completely different from what the author imagined. And that makes the finished piece completely your own, combining the layout of the author with your own take and creative design. 

This month I pulled colorful fabric pieces that looked nice together, but were different enough to be seen separately. 

I used this process for each one of the four blocks, trying to mix around which pieces where going to be a darker contrast and which would be a lighter contrast. 

Again, at this point I have NO IDEA how they are going to turn out. I know they will be scrappy, but that is about it. 

I give all of my scraps of fabric a good press and starch, and then start cutting out the pattern pieces using the templates!  This is when I can start laying them out and have a better idea of what the finished block will look like.  I don't normally make any changes, but if there is a really unpleasant color combo taking place I'll make some adjustments (ie. swap out the unappealing fabric with one that fits better). 

And TA-DA! These sewed up together SO FAST! I love how the layout creates such movement, like an actual pinwheel swirling around. Only Jen.... right?!

You should know by now that I am a SERIOUS Jen Kingwell fangirl. 

Check out the links below for the pattern!  You should also check out Jen's shop, Amitie, for a plethora of inspiration. 


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  1. Karen | 29th Dec 22

    I love seeing what you have done here. I am also a mad Jen Kingwell fan and it is hard to find out what others are doing with her patterns. I just got this template today and I can’t wait to get started.

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