Delilah Block of the Month – Month 3 – Shooting Star


Did you hear someone screaming that from their rooftop? You did?! Wasn't me....


This is the first month of the BOM that is all straight lines, no curvy curves. And I really enjoyed it!  Kind of wished I was required to make more than just 2 of these.

But wait!  I've said this often. You can take any of Jen's blocks and just make a whole quilt out of it.  This is the block (I say that about every block, even the curvy ones) that I will make an entire quilt of.

I don't have a whole lot to say about these blocks. They are simple, they are beautiful, they are super scrappy friendly.

Each month I make sure to raid only my scrap jars.  These are pieces of fabric ranging in size from 2.5"x2.5" to fat eighths. As with all Jen patterns, you have no need to buy a lot of fabric of even use a sewing machine. That's right, they are written for you to simply use what you have.  The legend herself usually (maybe exclusively) uses a needle and thread, no middle man machine.  

So here are my Shooting Stars. I raided my rainbow jar for one block, and my yellow jar for the other. 

The pattern is self explanatory, and you don't have to worry about which side of the fabric you trace your templates on.  

Of course if there is a mistake to be made, your girl Jess is here to make it.  Pay attention during assembly.  These triangles can appear to be lined up correctly, when they aren't. So unless you are making tiny moths (adorable, right?), pay attention. Or be like me, and keep a seam ripper tucked in your pony tail at all times.  

(Do I get strange looks at the grocery store like this? Uh.. yes, all the time. But there are other reasons for that as well.)

Looking for the pattern?  Check out Amitie!


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  1. Karen Presley | 1st Jun 20

    I love this block. Beautiful.

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