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Boxy Bag pattern additions

The next bag I have been testing out is the Boxy Bag. This is a very popular bag pattern, especially for us beginners. After reviewing a few tutorials, I decided to follow Kelby at kelbysews. She has done such a wonderful job of showing you every single step of the process in her tutorial.

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Trying out the Noodlehead Petal Pouch

I have avoided making bags for years.  Yes, I only started quilting 1 year ago, but I have dabbled in sewing for the last 6. While I have been interested in making all kinds of things, a zippered bag seemed too daunting for this newby sewer.

How To Vectorize a Watercolor Image using Affinity Designer (Mac)

Adobe Illustrator appears to be the standard in almost any creative industry.  I have not used it.  If you work for a company that is footing the monthly bill for Ai, high five, that is awesome.  But for me, that is going to cost another 25-50 dollars a month.  And while that doesn’t sound like a terribly large amount of money, I don’t need another monthly expense.

An alternative (especially for those of us who don’t have a need for every Ai feature) is Affinity Designer.