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Daily Archives: December 23, 2021

OklaRoots Family Rum Ball Recipe

Happy Holidays everyone! I hope this time of year is bringing you some extra love and moments of peace. One of my favorite activities during the holidays, like most of you, is to make Christmas cookies! Now, I'm especially lucky, because not only do we bake some wonderful traditional American cookies, but we also make cookies from my Mother's childhood. My mom, Babi, immigrated to America when she was 12 years old with her mother, we call her Nana, from Czechoslovakia. They have some of the most incredible, and sometimes tragic, stories from their lives.  And when we spend time baking and cooking together, I get to hear a lot of them. It's a magical time to spend with my closest family members and to learn about them in a way that makes me feel like we've lived in two different worlds. I hope you get to experience the same. Either with your family, strangers, or even through videos like this. 

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