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Gifts For The Beginner

These are the items I have used most since I started sewing. I highly suggest starting a ruler collection. The right size makes such a difference! I use Schmetz 80/12 needles the most and Guttermann Mara 100 polyester thread for everything. A seam ripper and cutting mat will be extremely helpful, and you'll be grateful you have an easy way to store your little bobbins! A handy rotary cutter and quality scissors will make quick work when prepping for bags and quilt blocks. 

Block Party – Month 9

How is it already November?! What happened to October?

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Block Party – Month 8

Happy October!! If you're in the Northern Hemisphere you may be experience that lovely chill in the air, with that magical "fall smell". For those of you in the Southern Hemisphere, I'm sure the warm afternoons are a welcome change. This month's block is a really fun one.... and might be my favorite of the entire party... we'll see!

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Checkbook Wallet Tutorial!

Here is a simple and fun-to-build-on wallet/checkbook pattern that I worked on as a gift for family. This single fold wallet can hold credit cards, cash, a checkbook and more! It's fun to make, quick and useful. Check back to this post for updates on additions to the pattern!

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Block Party – Month 7

How do you usually feel about September? Ready for summer to wrap up? Cool fall crisp air rolling in? Excited to spend some more time indoors snuggled up with Netflix?

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