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Faux-Flake Quilt Pattern — Download

Pattern Details

Full size : 50″ x 70″

​Downloadable PDF

Half Square Triangle Pattern

Perfect for scraps!

Detailed layout

Beginner friendly

Includes links to tutorials


“Faux-Flake” Quilt Preview

Here is a sneak peak at a pattern I am working on.  This is a beginner pattern, specifically a winter pattern. The pieced quilt top is made up entirely of half square triangles, which were made using Triangles On A Roll Half Square, 2″. For the backing and binding, I used a large cut of  Shannon Minky Soft Rabbit Cuddle Creme

A printable, easy to understand pattern is still in the works.  Here is a sneak peak of the design!

This was hand quilted, using a small stitch on the minky side and a long stitch on the quilt top.  This allowed the top of the quilt to look heavily quilted, but no quilting lines show up on the back (minky) side.

How To Vectorize a Watercolor Image using Affinity Designer (Mac)

Adobe Illustrator appears to be the standard in almost any creative industry.  I have not used it.  If you work for a company that is footing the monthly bill for Ai, high five, that is awesome.  But for me, that is going to cost another 25-50 dollars a month.  And while that doesn’t sound like a terribly large amount of money, I don’t need another monthly expense.

An alternative (especially for those of us who don’t have a need for every Ai feature) is Affinity Designer.